Get More Bookings at Your Aesthetic Clinic with the FOMO Technique. 8 Ways to Get More Responses from Patients

Have you ever regretted not taking advantage of a great offer when it was available? Surely, such behaviour is, after all, part of human nature. The marketing technique called FOMO (fear of missing out) is also based on this particular trait. The good news is, however, that it can be a great purchasing motivator for aesthetic medicine clinic's clients as well, and this article lists the elements that should be included in an offer that complies with FOMO marketing. Read on!

1. What is FOMO marketing and why does it work so well?

It is a marketing technique that is based on a person's natural response to a potential opportunity. FOMO is an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out, an attitude that consists of the regret that arises from ignoring an opportunity, whether in terms of professional and personal relationships or in terms of purchasing goods. The technique is very effective (60% of all purchases are motivated by FOMO) because, in a sense, it stimulates a sense of panic that causes an impulsive response, which in many cases leads to a purchase.

2. How to develop an offer in accordance with the FOMO principles?

Below you will find a comprehensive list containing all the key elements behind this type of marketing technique.

3. Time-limited offer

Realising that time is running out motivates a quicker decision. After all, when the promotion ends, the client will have to pay more for the same treatment. How to suggest that it is best to make a decision as soon as possible?

- Provide your website with a timer that will count down the time until the end of the offer
- Use stories on Instagram. As they are only available for 24 hours, you can set up a promotion valid only for the duration of the story's visibility.
- Add posts on social media indicating how much time is left before the promotion ends.
- Adjust your newsletter to include information about the offer and the deadline.

Green arrows, on one says "limited offer"

4. Low inventory

This one works well if you also offer the sale of professional cosmetics in your clinic. If a customer sees that a particular product is not in high supply, they naturally think that it is popular and works well with other patients, which shows its quality and effectiveness.

5. Testimonials from satisfied patients

Also known as social proof. It boosts confidence in the recipient of the advertisement and motivates them to make a purchase. A specific form of this type of promotion is influencer marketing. In this case, the treatment offered by your clinic is not promoted by an average patient, but by some recognisable person with considerable reach among the potential audience. Learn more about Top 4 Review Websites Every Aesthetic Practitioner Needs to Know.

Vlogging woman.

6. Product or treatment sets

This element is based on mutual benefit, and who would give up a win-win situation? The client receives a discount and the clinic sells two services instead of one. These are all “buy one, get one half-price” offers. A customer who was previously hesitant to opt for the second treatment will certainly be more willing to pay less for it.

7. Advertising on all fronts

The FOMO technique can also attract more followers to your social media channels. If you are hosting a special offer exclusively for followers on Instagram, announce it on your other social media as well. This way, people following your clinic's activity on Facebook or Twitter will feel a push to also follow your Instagram profile. Learn more about How to Make Patients Fall in Love with Your Aesthetic Medicine Clinic?

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8. The right word selection

Typical slogans that are well-known to every consumer are an important part of a FOMO strategy. Below, you can find a list of examples that you can use in your own campaign:

- Not much time left!
- Hurry up, or you'll miss out…
- It's now or never!
- The clock is ticking…
- Wait! You don't want to miss it…
- The exclusive promotion today only!
- Book your appointment today and save up to…

9. Competitiveness

Don’t we all love winning? The trick is to present the offer in such a way that the client, when paying for the treatment, feels as if they have won twice. On the one hand, they have hunted down a great deal, on the other hand, they have beaten others in the race to get it. To create this effect, you can label the offer with:

- Last available appointments!
- X clients have already participated…
- Only x appointments available!
- This treatment is very popular!
- Hurry up, or someone else will take your place!

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Learn more about How To Attract New Clients to Your Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

10. Missed opportunity

When the offer time is up, it's a good idea to let your audience know. That way, the next time this type of opportunity is available, the potential customer will be more motivated not to put off the purchase. Again, take a look at our example phrases:

- It didn't work this time, try again later!
- Oops, too late!
- The others were faster!
- Don't give up! Next time it will work!
- Our calendar is full!

There are many effective marketing methods, but the one based on FOMO is among the most popular for a reason. By relying on this simple mechanism, great results can be achieved in practically every industry, including Aesthetic Medicine.

Written by:
Maria Kamińska
Maria is a copywriter and a student of Applied Linguistics. She puts the knowledge of the team working at WhatClinic and InDesk into words to convey it to the audience in an approachable way. She is passionate about foreign languages, especially English, German, and Spanish. In her free time, she meets with family and friends, drinks good coffee or… writes.

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