Remote Receptionists for Faster Patient Communication

Let’s find out why your clinic needs an InDesk Receptionist. Explore features, benefits and the way InDesk works.

What makes InDesk perfect for Aesthetic and Dental clinics?

Unlock Your Clinic’s Potential with InDesk!

InDesk offers a wide range of benefits that can help your clinic thrive. By utilising our Virtual Receptionists service, you can increase the number of bookings, enhance patients satisfaction and streamline your clinic’s operations.

Work-life Balance

InDesk will handle all your patient communication, allowing you to focus on treating patients, growing your business or other aspects of life, like self-development.

Patients Satisfaction

Our Agents provide top-quality customer service, having your patients delighted and loyal. Unanswered calls or emails will no longer frustrate them.

InDesk manages communication between patients and your clinic.

Our receptionists take care of:
check phone calls,
check incoming emails,
check SMS,
check WhatsApp messages,
check and enquiries submitted through web forms.

You decide which communication channels we will look after, ensuring your patients can easily reach out according to their preference.

There’s no longer a need for you to spend time replying to patients after a busy day at the practice. Our Agents answer all enquiries, reply to questions, gather information and book appointments in the end.

InDesk Agents follow up with all of your patients:

check to remind them about upcoming appointments,
check to make sure you don't lose a client, if they need to reschedule,
check to book a series of appointments for patients interested in multiple treatments.

Our Agents use the best customer experience gathered throughout years, with enhanced knowledge of your clinic, in order to well organise your patient’s communication and the entire booking process.

InDesk Receptionists create records of appointments directly in your booking system, providing you with all the necessary information beforehand. Thanks to that, you have everything in one place and you can easily stay on top of your bookings.

InDesk Receptionists take deposits and consent forms from patients on behalf of your clinic.

check Reduce no-shows.
check Secure your income.
check Comply with legal requirements.

InDesk Receptionists are trained in your clinics treatments, so they can provide patients with relevant information in a professional and friendly manner.

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Integrating InDesk into Your Clinic’s Workflow

Your InDesk Manager will arrange the implementation of the service, answer all your questions and then follow up regularly, in order to make sure InDesk is meeting your expectations and mirroring the clinic’s operation.

With InDesk, you can entirely focus on providing the best care for your patients, while we take care of the rest.

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Transfer your number to InDesk
Set the time for the service to operate
Mon - Fri: 8.30 – 19.30 & Sat: 9.00 – 16.00 (UK)
Agents training
Role-plays and... ready!

Our Receptionists adapt to your needs!

InDesk - Our expertise and your clinic’s operation

During the onboarding process, we prepare agents for each clinic accordingly, acquiring the knowledge of treatments provided. They also participate in role plays, reflecting conversations with potential patients.

No new booking software required

Each Agent is fully trained on your chosen practice management system, like Pabau, Phorest, Timely, Fresha, Treatwell and others. Creating appointments, taking deposits and sending consent forms are tasks they fulfill daily.

Marketing campaign leads

We promptly respond to every enquiry from your marketing campaigns, increasing the chances of converting them into actual bookings and contributing to higher profits.

Urgent personal matters

Sudden changes in your schedule? We call all of your bookings on the spot and reschedule. You can also rely on us if there is an unexpected problem at your clinic that requires cancellation.

Appointment reminders

People tend to forget, that's why our Agents can call or message your patients to remind them about the upcoming treatment. If rescheduling is necessary, we'll handle it promptly to prevent client loss.

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