Bespoke Receptionists for Aesthetic Clinics

Save time managing your patient enquiries with InDesk. 

Remote Agents, specialising in working with Medical Aesthetics practitioners, will manage all new and existing enquiries, book patients, schedule appointments and take deposits – all on your terms.

Starting at only £300 per month!

As featured in:

The InDesk Aesthetic Clinic Receptionists will manage for you:

Phone calls

Text messages
(inc. WhatsApp)


Web forms

Appointment scheduling

Callbacks & follow-ups

Branded communication

Appointment reminders

InDesk Go app - All your enquiries on your phone

Stay on top of your enquiries. With InDesk Go for mobile you can get access to all patient contacts managed by our receptionists.

Listen to the phone calls, see the emails and text messages exchanged between the receptionists and your patients.

All in one place.

Are you tired of spending hours responding
to patients…

…instead of conducting treatments or enjoying your free time?

Watch the video and see how InDesk can help your clinic.

We tailor our service to your clinic's specific requirements, increasing response times and improving communication with your patients.

InDesk agents take care of all patient enquiries

InDesk receptionists are communication experts. Our agents will manage patients’ calls, mails, and messages professionally and efficiently, providing the best customer service to your Medical Aesthetic clinic. 

Let us deal with patient enquiries reaching you from all sources – phone, SMS, email, WhatsApp, or forms from your website.

Receptionists experienced in aesthetic treatments

Our agents have extended experience working with clinics and are trained by aesthetic professionals to gain comprehensive knowledge about the most popular Aesthetic Medicine treatments.

InDesk receptionists also support popular booking management systems such as Timely, Ovatu, Fresha, Pabau, and more.

You can be sure that our experience will be reflected in your clinic's performance and patient satisfaction.

InDesk mirrors how your clinic works

When working with InDesk, you are the boss. The service is flexible and can be tailored to the specific requirements of your clinic. Our agents value your feedback and adjust their actions accordingly.

You can choose when our receptionists will respond to your calls and messages. It can be either for the whole day or specific days and times. 

Our agents operate:
Monday to Friday: 8.00 – 20.00
Saturday: 9.00 – 17.00

The InDesk Receptionists become a part of your team

The agents' performance will be visible to you.

You can access the recordings of the receptionist’s communication with patients, see patients' profiles and read the messages exchanged with your clients on InDesk Go – a mobile app that provides full transparency.

What we achieved for our customers in only 1 month:

we answered:

1,880 emails
2,200 phone calls

we booked:


we sent & received:

SMS/WhatsApp messages

97.5% of ALL phone calls
answered before the 3rd ring.

60% of our clients
don't need a receptionist at all!

InDesk Features

InDesk is more than just a phone answering service. Our team consists of receptionists experienced in working with Medical Aesthetic practitioners, dedicated to making your work easier and saving you time.

The InDesk Receptionists book appointments directly into your calendar. No need for new software.

No phone call is left unanswered. Say goodbye to responding to patient enquiries after hours.

You can count on us. InDesk onboarding team is on hand to help you in a smooth transition.

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