The New Patient
Booking System

InDesk saves you time by managing all of your new and existing patient enquiries through all channels (telephone, email, website and social media), booking patients, rescheduling appointments and taking deposits on your behalf.

Having more than 15 years of experience in dealing with patient enquiries, InDesk maximises your bookings and increases your revenue, leaving you more time to treat patients!

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Are you tired spending hours responding to patients?

Watch the video to see how we can manage all of your patient enquiries and save you time.

InDesk will answer your phone, respond to emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages, book patients, reschedule appointments and take deposits on your behalf. We tailor our service to your clinic's specific requirements, increasing response times and improving communications with your patients.

InDesk handles effectively all of your patient enquiries

InDesk brings all your patient interactions into one location, ensuring that every question from both new and existing patients is followed up in a timely manner giving the best customer service possible.

InDesk will answer all of your phone calls, emails, social media interactions and web enquiries, allowing you more time to treat your patients, secure in the knowledge that everything else is being looked after by InDesk. 

InDesk Booking System

The InDesk team is dedicated to converting every enquiry into a booking. This involves numerous communications through different channels (phone, text, WhatsApp etc.).

The system ensures that all enquiries are worked through in a systematic way until they result in a booking for your clinic or until they get confirmation that the prospective patient does not want to proceed. All communication is recorded in InDesk. Just log in to see emails or text messages and listen to calls at any time.

It's over to you...
Whenever you decide.

Choose at what point you want us to hand over the booking to you, whether that's at a pre-consultation stage, or up to when the patient walks through the doors for their treatment.

We would have gathered all the information you need to welcome your new patient and focus on the important things.

InDesk Reporting

We provide full transparency between the InDesk team and the clinic. Each InDesk customer has access to the reporting tools, such as total volume of received and answered enquiries (phone, email, web, social media etc.), including the period within, as well as confirmed bookings and conversion rates (%).

In addition to the above core services we envisage offering remarketing campaigns, online marketing assistance and enhanced reporting for clinics in the future.

InDesk Features

A dedicated team of expert agents who have dealt with thousands of patient enquiries over the last 15 years. They are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible, mirroring how you currently interact with your customer base.

The InDesk team will book appointments directly into your calendarInDesk reporting tools will help you to understand how well your clinic is performing and how many bookings are being generated on your behalf.

No phone call is left unanswered. InDesk will answer every phone call that your clinic receives. You will no longer have to check voicemails and email inboxes.

InDesk onboarding team, is on hand to help you maximise booking performance and boost your revenue.

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