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What is InDesk?

InDesk, is a new patient booking system that is designed to answer every phone call, email and social media enquiry received by a clinic. There will no longer be any voicemails to be listened to and followed up later, 10s of emails in your inbox at the end of the day needing responses. InDesk deals with all of these in real-time and books the patients directly into your clinic.

Who is InDesk for?

InDesk is designed to help Medical Aesthetic clinics in the UK grow their business through better patient enquiry management. If you are ambitious and looking to grow your business, InDesk is the solution for you! InDesk gives you the peace of mind that your patient enquiries are dealt with in an immediate and professional manner, freeing up your time to do what you do best, treat patients.

Enquiry handling

Will InDesk handle all of my enquiries?

Yes, InDesk is designed to deal with all enquiries to your clinic from new and existing patients covering all communication channels including telephone, WhatsApp, email, website forms and social media channels.

What kind of enquiry channels do you handle?

- Telephone enquiries (including calls, voicemails, SMS and WhatsApp)
- Email enquiries
- Website enquiries
- Social media enquiries from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. (Clinic must provide login detail to InDesk for these channels)

Who will be talking to my patients?

All enquiries will be dealt with by our dedicated team of patient management agents. These agents are experts in converting enquiries into patient bookings and have extensive knowledge of medical aesthetic treatments.

Can I turn my channels back to my practice so I can answer enquiries myself?

Yes, you can decide to manage your enquiries directly yourself by simply redirecting them back to your practice. This can be done for specific time periods (hours or days) that you get to choose.

Will I have support from the InDesk team?

Yes, you will have a dedicated account manager, who you can contact at any time if you need assistance. This account manager will proactively manage your account, arranging regular meetings to review call quality, bookings made and agree areas of improvement on both sides. They will also be able to give you market benchmarks, trends and tips.

Will I be able to see report on the work InDesk is doing for my practice?

Yes, InDesk has a suite of online reporting tools that allows you to:
- Review call volumes and answer rates.
- See booking conversion rates by channel, treatment, etc.
- Monitor all conversations with your existing and potential patients.
- Listen to calls between our agents and your patients.

I want your agents to give specific information to the patients. Can you do it?

Yes, absolutely, our onboarding team will work with you to make sure we collect all the information you require from patients before you proceed with treatments. This can include the completion of patient questionnaires, the collection of images, collection of credit card details or deposits and any other information each clinic deems necessary before proceeding with treatments.


How do I pay for InDesk?

You can pay for InDesk in monthly installments by credit card. We take VISA, Mastercard and American Express. All transactions are automatically collected each month on an agreed date and processed via the Stripe (Stripe.com) payment platform. We do not hold details of your credit card on our servers and none of our staff have access to these details.

What is the minimum contract term?

The minimum term for using InDesk is six months, all contracts are open ended and have no end date, however, you can cancel at any time after the initial six months, but must give a minimum of one month notice of your intention to stop using InDesk.

Do you offer a free plan or a free demo?

We do not offer free subscription plans, we would be delighted to take you through a free no obligation demonstration of how InDesk works and how it can help your business. Please click here to register your interest and we will contact you to arrange a demonstration.

How long will it take to get everything up and running?

This can vary depending on the size of the clinic and the complexity of the integration, but in most cases we can get a clinic live within one week of the contract being signed. But the process does not end there. Your dedicated account manager will be in regular contact with you to review progress and work closely with you to personalise the service and maximise the volume of bookings you receive from the InDesk team.

What does the onboarding process look like?

Once you have signed the contract and selected the plan that you want to purchase you will have a dedicated account manager assigned to you. This agent will take you through the process step by step. They will help you to connect your telephone number and other communication channels with the InDesk team and agree with you on the information that you would like them to collect from your prospective patients. The account manager will also arrange a schedule of regular meetings with you to ensure that you are getting the maximum return from your investment in InDesk.


How do I connect my telephone number?

Our dedicated InDesk onboarding team will work with you to transfer your telephone number(s) directly to our InDesk team. This will involve working with your local telephone service provider to get the telephone number re-pointed to our team. Alternatively, you can also decide to get a new phone number provided by InDesk and use it on your marketing or social media channels to be able to track their results.

How do I connect my social media accounts?

The InDesk onboarding team will work directly with you to forward your social media accounts to the InDesk patient management agents, they will then answer all enquiries that come through these channels.

Can you integrate with my booking system?

In order for our team to book appointments directly into your calendar you will need to give us access to the system that your clinic uses. This will allow us to properly integrate bookings with your live calendar and ensure that no patients are double booked at the same time.
Giving our team this access will also help us to contact patients prior to their appointment to ensure that they still intend to honour the appointment or reschedule their appointment as needed.

Privacy & terms

What about privacy?

To find out more, please see our Privacy Policy here and Terms and conditions here.