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What is InDesk?

Who is InDesk for?

How does InDesk benefit aesthetic practitioners?

Who are the InDesk Receptionists?

Enquiry handling

Will InDesk handle all of my enquiries?

What kind of enquiry channels do you handle?

Can I still answer enquiries myself?

Will I have support from the InDesk team?

Will I be able to see how InDesk is helping my practice?

How will I get all the necessary information about patients?


How much do InDesk services cost?

How do I pay for InDesk?

What is the minimum contract duration?

Can I see how your service works?

How long is the onboarding process?

What does the onboarding process look like?


How do I connect my telephone number?

Do I have to change my booking system?

Which systems are InDesk agents familiar with?

Privacy & terms

What about privacy?

We are exhibiting at CCR 2022, ExCeL London on 13 & 14 October.