What do Medical Aesthetic patients look for?

Medical Aesthetic treatments come in many forms and have many different names, from generic ones such as wrinkle treatment or well-known brand names. We can also find innovative terms that at first glance seem completely new to us, for example, Profhilo® or EMSculpt® which are the names of branded treatments. After all, the world of aesthetic medicine is extremely abundant – and still growing.

1. What do potential patients search for when looking for treatments online?

The answer to this question is crucial for clinics looking to grow their practice. A recent analysis of visitors to, the world’s leading directory for elective medical treatments, has found that the top 10 treatment searches in the UK covered 60% of all medical aesthetic searches made through their website in the years 2020 to 2021.

Over 38 thousand searches were made in the period, from patients looking for medical aesthetic treatment in the UK, covering just under 100 treatment types. However, not every treatment searched for is equally in demand.  But the 10 treatments listed below accounted for 60% of these searches with the top 3 treatments generating 38% of all searches.

2. Smooth skin in the 1st place.

Dermal Fillers and other injectables are the most popular treatments. Those well-known procedures, which have become a synonym for aesthetic medicine among many patients, have generated 10.709 enquiries, or 28% of all searches made. This is closely followed by General Consultation in the third position at 10%.

3. Potential patients know what they want.

It is interesting to note that the level of “General Consultation” searches is low when compared to other areas of medicine such as plastic surgery where consultation queries are normally 25% of all searches. This clearly indicates that many potential patients know exactly which treatment to choose and are only looking for a clinic that will offer them the best price and a short waiting period.

4. An overwhelming range of treatments?

The remaining 40% of searches comprised over 85 different treatments, each of which generated less than 2.5% of the total number of searches. This indicates that while there has been a huge increase in the number and types of Medical Aesthetic treatments offered by clinics in the UK, interest in them appears to be low.

5. Supply should meet the demand.

In order to grow and make successful conversions, a clinic must be responsive to the needs of the potential patient. The data collected by clearly shows that emphasis should be put on the above treatments. This focus extends to online activity – so don't be afraid to promote popular treatments on your social media platforms.

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Conor Leech
Conor is the CRO of WhatClinic and InDesk and has been working for the company since 2010. He works closely with clinics all over the world, helping them to improve their customer communications and grow their businesses. In his spare time Conor loves to go sailing and coaches his son's rugby team. You can often find him walking in the Dublin mountains with his wife, son and dog.

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