8+1 Online Booking Systems for Your Aesthetic Clinic

Good organisation is crucial for creating a successful medical aesthetic practice with happy patients. Nowadays, medical practitioners can use a number of tools that help book appointments, contact patients or manage administrative work. From this article, you will find out what are the most popular booking systems and what features they offer. Keep reading to see which one will be the most suitable for your aesthetic medicine practice!

1. Aesthetic Nurse Software

Aesthetic Nurse Software has been developed for practitioners who want to make gathering and managing their patient information and clinic details easy and paperless. 

What Aesthetic Nurse Software offers?

  1. Client records with personal details, GDPR confirmation, appointment and prescriptions history, and additional notes.
  2. Consent forms and medical questionnaires.
  3. Cloud-based software, accessible by computer, tablet, and mobile.
  4. Online bookings and collecting deposits.
  5. Photo tools for before and after comparison and planning injections.
  6. Automated appointment reminders and reporting.

What are the Aesthetic Nurse Software pricing plans?
Subscription costs depend on the number of patients. If your clinic serves up to 150 clients, the cost will be £20 per month and £40 per month in case of unlimited clients.

2. Pabau

Pabau is a CRM developed especially for managing clinics, including the medical aesthetic industry. This software is suitable for practitioners and clinic managers who want to spend less time on administrative work and improve the patient experience with online bookings.

What Pabau offers?

  1. Easy online appointment scheduling.
  2. Digital client records and consent forms.
  3. Automated emails and text messages with multiple templates.
  4. POS system that helps to manage invoicing, sales, expenses, debt deposits, discounts, and refunds.
  5. Patient portal, where they can see information about previous appointments.

What are the Pabau pricing plans?
Prices are available after booking a demo and depend on the number of software users and patients.

3. Fresha

Fresha is a subscription-free appointment booking software for businesses connected with beauty and wellness, including the aesthetic clinics. It comes in 2 versions: one for businesses and one for clients to search for and book services, so it can be a useful tool for connecting clinics with potential patients. 

What Fresha offers?

  1. Calendar system for managing appointments and scheduling working hours of employees.
  2. Gathering patient reviews on Fresha.
  3. Payment processing, accepting deposits and cancellation fees.
  4. Multiple appointment scheduling.
  5. Client details and reporting.

What are the pricing plans?
Basic features offered by Fresha are free. Clients also have the option to choose the additional paid plan that includes payment processing, automated notifications and marketing features.

4. Phorest 

Phorest is a salon management software for practitioners who want to effectively handle their clinic’s appointments, employees, marketing, inventory, and payments. Phorest allows users to have the most important information about the clinic on hand. 

What Phorest offers?

  1. Scheduling appointments in a calendar. 
  2. Online bookings, accessible also through a branded booking app and video consultations with patients.
  3. Deposits to avoid no-shows.
  4. Appointment reminders for patients and alerts for employees to make sure both sides remember about the treatment.
  5. Clinic management app for practitioners with appointments, client info, before and after portfolios, and digital consultation forms. 

What are the Phorest pricing plans?
When it comes to pricing, there are 4 subscription plans adjusted to the size of a clinic. Information about costs is available after requesting a quote. 

5. SalonIQ

SalonIQ is appropriate for both larger and smaller clinics, for bookings and staff management, as well as for improving a clinic's marketing.

What SalonIQ offers?

  1. Marketing tools like automated messages, referral system, and loyalty points. 
  2. Online and mobile bookings.
  3. Taking deposits and controlling payments.
  4. Stock control and employee management.

What are the SalonIQ pricing plans?
The cost of a subscription is £37 per month for the first user. Each additional staff member who will be using this software adds another £10 to the payment. 

6. Ovatu 

Ovatu is a booking management system with features that can streamline the booking process in aesthetic clinics thanks to automated online booking options. 

What Ovatu offers?

  1. Personalised online booking website, a booking bot and booking management.
  2. Online deposits and payments.
  3. Automated email or SMS messages and online consultation forms. 
  4. Review system to encourage clients to leave a testimonial. 

What are the Ovatu pricing plans?
- Neat: first employee is €20, and each additional employee is €6. This plan includes appointment management, online booking, Point of Sale, automated messages, customer reviews, and integrations.
- Loaded: first employee is €30, and each additional employee is €9. The plan includes all the “Neat” features and: marketing campaigns, gift cards, promotional codes, consultation forms, and inventory management. 

7. WriteUpp

WriteUpp is a practice management software, developed especially for aesthetic clinics and healthcare professionals. 

What WriteUpp offers?

  1. Online bookings, video consultation and automated appointment reminders.
  2. Customised forms, patient notes and records.
  3. Call scheduling with visible availability and SMS or email notifications.
  4. Branded invoices for patients, based on clinical activity and expenses.

What are the WriteUpp pricing plans?
The cost of a monthly subscription is £14.95 per user. If you would like patients to be able to book their appointments online, this service is charged an additional £4.95 per month per practice. 

8. Timely 

Timely is a time-tracking software created to effectively manage the work of employees in a medical aesthetic clinic, or single aesthetic practitioners. Depending on the subscription plan, it can also work well as a booking system in a smaller clinic. In the case of a larger practice can be useful in managing different teams and more complex projects.

What Timely offers?

  1. Automated time tracking for work activity, very useful in the case of remote positions.
  2. Controlling projects, dedicated budget, people involved and smaller tasks. After finishing the project, you have access to reports that help you improve future work.
  3. Creating schedules that are flexible and clear, which can be used to keep track of bookings.

What are the Timely pricing plans?
- Starter: automated time tracking, 50 projects, 3 teams, $8 per user per month.
- Premium: unlimited projects and teams, $14 per user per month. 
- Unlimited: unlimited projects, teams, and features $20 per user per month. 
- Unlimited +: plan tailored to your individual needs. 

9. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a popular tool that is intuitive to navigate and functional. It is mainly used for scheduling tasks and appointments, as well as video calls. However, many clinics use it also to manage their patient bookings. It can be a great choice for smaller clinics that want to have a digitalised version of a traditional calendar, together with the possibility to plan video calls with their patients and employees.

What Google Calendar offers?

  1. A digital calendar with customisable display (day, week, or month) with timeframes of meetings.
  2. Specific timeslots for bookings, and send a link to patients, so they can book their appointments.
  3. Notifications before each planned meeting.
  4. An app for mobile devices.

What are the Google Calendar pricing plans?
Google Calendar is free with a Google account, which is easy and quick to set up. The paid version offers additional features like shared calendars, appointment booking pages and reserving conference rooms.

Each software mentioned in this article can simplify booking management and offers various additional features. The InDesk's remote Receptionists will make it even easier for you to run your aesthetic medicine clinic by handling patient communication, taking deposits, following up, and transferring bookings to your chosen booking system. With InDesk, you will streamline the functioning of your clinic and regain time for what is important to you. 

Written by:
Maria Kamińska
Maria is a copywriter and a student of Applied Linguistics. She puts the knowledge of the team working at WhatClinic and InDesk into words to convey it to the audience in an approachable way. She is passionate about foreign languages, especially English, German, and Spanish. In her free time, she meets with family and friends, drinks good coffee or… writes.

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