The 13 Qualities of an Aesthetic Receptionist

Thinking of opening your own clinic? Or maybe you're already running your practice and could use some help when it comes to bookings and communication? After more than 15 years of working with clinics around the world, one thing we are sure of. Communication with potential patients is of major importance for the growth of your business, and a receptionist is usually responsible for the initial contact between a clinic and its clients. Keep reading to find out what to look for when choosing an excellent receptionist!

1. Strong communication skills

This is one of the most significant qualities of a good receptionist. A person in this position can contribute to generating sales and increasing the clinic's revenue through the ability to listen, provide precise answers to clients' questions as well as focus on their needs and expectations.

What if you hired a receptionist who is equipped with knowledge of the key principles of effective customer communication from the start? This is exactly what working with an InDesk agent is like. Before starting work, our receptionists undergo in-depth training involving role-playing potential conversations with clients. Our receptionists are prepared for many scenarios, and if there is something that you would like them to do differently, they will adjust to your feedback. Here you can learn more about How InDesk Works.

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2. Appropriate attitude towards patients

We enjoy contact with friendly people and naturally like to feel cared for. It is therefore important for the receptionist to build confidence that the client has contacted the right clinic to meet their needs. To achieve this, the receptionist should display the following qualities:
- friendliness
- courtesy
- patience
- helpfulness
- calmness
- reassurance
- positivity

3. Good organisation skills and time management

Good organisation is the key to success on many levels, also when it comes to the relevant service provided by the receptionist. Your front desk assistant should adapt their actions to the instructions of the clinic's owner or manager and take into consideration their guidance to improve the overall performance of the clinic. Read this article to learn more about Time Management Tips for Medical Aesthetic Practitioners.

InDesk agents will adapt to your workflow and chosen booking system. You are in charge, and our virtual receptionists operate according to your guidelines.

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4. Knowledge about Medical Aesthetic trends

Imagine how long it must take for someone who has never worked in an Aesthetic Medicine environment to gain all the necessary knowledge. It is a specific type of business that requires familiarity with popular treatments. A receptionist who lacks this expertise is unlikely to provide a comprehensive service to potential patients and answer their questions.

With an InDesk agent, this is a problem of the past. All the specialists working with the clinics are knowledgeable about the most important Aesthetic Medicine treatments and can provide patients with information. No more lengthy training process for new employees.

A virtual receptionist talking to a client. The client asks the question "How long do Dermal Fllers last?"

5. Understanding the operation of your clinic

The receptionist is a living advertisement for your clinic. If the operation pattern of your practice, the services provided, and the booking management scheme are unclear to them, they are unlikely to facilitate your job. Receptionists should, therefore, be familiar with all the issues concerning the life of the clinic that may improve customer care.

During the onboarding stage, a dedicated InDesk agent gets to know your clinic and learns how you would like them to work. After this step, they are fully introduced to your working arrangements and are able to comprehensively answer the client’s questions.

6. Focus on your clinic's performance

It is good to be a part of something bigger. If your receptionist feels they are an important facet of your clinic, they may see their job as a mission to both help the client and support the operation of your business. This perspective can lead to greater commitment on the part of the employee.

InDesk was created not only to facilitate communication between clinics and patients, but also to increase bookings through proper messaging. Therefore, one of our agents' priority tasks is to ensure your clinic achieves the best possible turnover.

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7. A sense of responsibility

As we have already mentioned, the role of the receptionist is more essential than it might seem. The ideal candidate for this position should therefore be aware of the responsibility that comes with building the image of the clinic and making a positive first impression on the client.

8. Technical skills

A receptionist's job is not just about conversation, but also about technical skills. These days, it is essential to be computer-literate.

As InDesk agents are prepared to work remotely, this isn't a challenge for them. They can manage bookings in your chosen system and keep in touch with the client not only by phone but also via email and other communicators such as WhatsApp.

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9. Familiar with the modern approach to selling

Nowadays, selling techniques are different from just talking about a product’s best features and persistently convincing a potential client to make a purchase. To carry out an effective sale that will make the patient want to return to your clinic, the receptionist should understand their needs and expectations. Doing so enables them to propose the most appropriate offer, show empathy, and take care of the client's needs.

The InDesk virtual receptionist is a specialist in soft sales. The agent training includes insights on how to conduct a conversation in such a way that it is both enjoyable and effective.

10. Multitasking

Talking to patients, monitoring schedules, rearranging appointments, responding to messages, returning calls… All of it can be quite overwhelming, especially on busier days. Being able to do several things at the same time is essential for keeping things tidy and well-organised.

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11. Emotional intelligence

A visit to an Aesthetic Medicine clinic may be aimed at changing something that is a source of insecurity for the patient. It is always important to approach such a person with care, as we never know what might upset someone. Learn more about How To Attract New Clients to Your Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

12. Attention to detail

A small mistake, such as entering an appointment in the wrong slot on the calendar, can lead to quite serious complications, negatively affect the organisation and lead to disappointment on the part of both patient and doctor. It is essential to pay attention to the little things to avoid any kind of distress.

Clinic reception.

13. Focus on delivering quality

Every patient is different, and even if it is the 100th call of the day, the receptionist should act as if it's the first one. There should be no indication of boredom or fatigue. The potential patient has to feel that all attention is focused on them.

The performance of your clinic is a priority for your dedicated InDesk agent. You can be certain that each call will be treated individually and with the utmost commitment.

Why InDesk?

Working as a receptionist is a complex mission that combines many diverse skills. Consequently, it is not easy to find the right person for this position. Collaborating with the InDesk service allows you to find an employee who displays all the characteristics mentioned above and saves your clinic a lot of money due to the low costs of the service. Forget about answering the phone after hours, the exhausting training of new staff and people who do not care about your clinic. With InDesk you will get your life back and do something good for your practice.

Written by:
Maria Kamińska
Maria is a copywriter and a student of Applied Linguistics. She puts the knowledge of the team working at WhatClinic and InDesk into words to convey it to the audience in an approachable way. She is passionate about foreign languages, especially English, German, and Spanish. In her free time, she meets with family and friends, drinks good coffee or… writes.

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