How InDesk works

We handle all of your clinic’s enquiries from every source and always follow up. We book your patients directly to your system, remind them of their appointment or help them reschedule if needed.
Giving you the time to focus on what matters to you.

InDesk manages all communications between patients and your Clinic

We answer phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, SMS, webforms, social media messages and enquiries you receive from your patient, so you can focus on what is important to you.

You no longer have to spend time answering messages after a busy day in your clinic. We do this for you!

All  message are stored in one place and you can see the full history of all the conversations the InDesk team is having with your patients.

We answer all patient's questions, gather information and book their visit

Our specially trained team has extensive knowledge about all of the most common Medical Aesthetic treatments. Additionally, we will be trained on the treatments that you offer and be aware of the specific information you need from patients before attending your clinic.

We book the qualified patients directly into your booking system, so that everything is in one place and you always know how many patients you have booked in each week.

We follow up with all of your patients

And there are several reasons to do so:

- Reach out to every appointment, by phone call, SMS, email and WhatsApp message to make sure patients will attend.
- Reschedule appointments directly into your booking system.
- Continue to work every opportunity until it converts into a new appointment of they inform us they are no longer interested.
- Book a series of appointments for patient requiring multiple visits.
- Request patients leave reviews of your clinic.

We adapt to your needs

You get to choose the times when we answer calls on your behalf.

You get to choose the communication channels you would like us to manage.

Sudden staff absence? We call all of your bookings on the spot and reschedule.

No new software. We adapt to your system.

Got any questions?

Check our FAQs  or contact us now to arrange a free 15 minute demonstration of how InDesk can help you grow your practice.

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