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Are you opening a new aesthetic clinic or planning to do so?

Starting a new business is always very time consuming, expensive and stressful. InDesk can help, why don't you let the InDesk Agent team manage all of your client communications? This means you don't have to go to the expense of recruting, training and managing a new in-house receptionists team.

The InDesk Agent Team will provide you with their professionalism on:

Fast communication

Time management

Transparency (InDesk Go App)

Real people answering real calls in real time!
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Faster and much more efficient communication, resulting in immediate bookings made with new or recurring patients.iv block.

You will simply save time on replying to enquiries, as InDesk Receptionists will devote all theirs.

With the InDesk Go app, you can monitor our performance with your customers in real time.

InDesk GO

InDesk Go App!
Always know what’s happening with your patient enquiries!

Listen to phone calls

Read messages sent back and forth in real time

View all your bookings

Log in to InDesk Go via your mobile phone or computer, and check in on how we are doing whenever you want to!

Customer review

Listen to Kirren Sandhu talking about the InDesk Team!

Get a Team of Clinic Receptionists & Save Time!

Get all your patient enquiries handled by experts starting from £300 per month.

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We are exhibiting at CCR 2022, ExCeL London on 13 & 14 October.