Why Should Medical Aesthetic Professionals Attend the CCR Expo?

Unlock the secrets to advancing your medical aesthetic practice and staying at the forefront of the industry. Learn about the unmissable CCR 2023 event, where leading professionals gather to share insights, innovations, and connections.

1. Reasons Why Aesthetic Practitioners Should Participate in the CCR

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it” - Margaret Fuller.

Hence, why do every medical aesthetic practitioner shall not miss the upcoming CCR 2023 event? 

Being a practitioner does not only mean enhancing one’s beauty. This role goes far beyond that. Together with their practice, aestheticians must constantly broaden their knowledge. And thus, one of the best ways to do so is by attending numerous conferences, like the upcoming leading industry’s event CCR 2023. It is just a month away in order to:

  1. bring together the industry’s leading proprietors and learn how to grow and develop one’s practice, 
  2. introduce new technology, machines and products helping patients and making them even more beautiful,
  3. elaborate on the most important matters professionals are facing every single day,
  4. attend various seminars and listen to industry stakeholders, broadening not only your knowledge, but also connections, 
  5. bring the latest innovations and novelties enhancing practitioners’ day to day work, one of such being InDesk - a service of remote receptionists

2. Meet InDesk team at CCR!

The InDesk team will be present in London at stand C81, to share our experience and literally bring solutions to your doors. We will provide attendees with the ways InDesk can help them take care of all enquiries received, through all channels possible, and let them save time, money and boost conversion.

We will explain how it can all be done from the technical point of view, show the complexity of our service and point to its effectiveness. From incoming calls and messages to outbound calls, from new to existing clients, we will show practitioners how we can work hand in hand and help grow their business together. 

Our team will be present at CCR 2023 to dispel all doubts and let you enjoy what you love the most - helping patients. Join us at stand C81, on the 19th & 20th of October, and never miss any opportunity to grow your clientele and save yourself time.

However, if you are unable to attend, we encourage you to learn more about InDesk here.


Written by:
Kamila Jurdziak
Kamila is working closely with clinics in need. As the first point of contact, Kamila’s knowledge on clinics' struggles has become extensive, thanks to which she’s now finding the best solutions for the clients. Moreover, Kamila is a qualified English translator, very passionate about the language, paying attention to every single detail.

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