How to Make Your Instagram Profile Attract New Patients? 8 Easy Tips for Aesthetic Medicine Clinics

Instagram is one of the most popular social media of the present time. As a result, it holds great potential when it comes to promoting your business online, creating your clinic's image, and establishing relationships with your followers. However, running a professional profile on Instagram can be challenging and requires some preparation. This article will provide you with tips on what to look out for when creating an account that captivates the crowds.

1. Select the appropriate username

This tip may seem obvious, but it is a very important step when creating a profile on Instagram. It is good to make it simple and strictly connected with your brand. People will remember it better. You can also make it universal and use it all across social media and even on printed materials. In addition to that, a potential follower will be able to get to your account straight from the Instagram’s search screen.

Short gif shoving the word "indesk"​ being entered into the Instagram searchbox. after a second the accounts appear in a list. The user chooses the first account.

2. Your username and your name should be similar

We know the difference between these two terms may seem insignificant, but Instagram is all about the details. For example, if your clinic is called “Inner Beauty”, your username would be @innerbeauty. However, your name can be extended with some keywords: Inner Beauty Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

Short video, shoving how a user is trying to create a user name on Instagram.

3. Switch to a business profile

This has many major advantages. Let us give you a list:

- Your patients can contact your clinic directly through a single tap. A potential client does not have to write an email, a private message, or type in a phone number. One click is all it takes, and we like this convenience.
- You can upgrade your bio and choose an industry label.
- You get access to the insights and can analyse your profile’s performance.
- You can promote your business with Instagram ads.
- Your Instagram inbox will be divided into 3 categories which can help you stay on top of the received messages.

Image shows icons of woman multitasking and standing on an arrow that is turned upward. In the corner is placed "Instagram" logo.

4. A profile picture to remember

Finally, we come to the core of Instagram – photos. The profile photo is important because it displays along with the user's name in search results on Instagram. While names can be similar, an original photo related to your business allows users to distinguish your clinic from others. This could be a logo or a photo of the team working at the clinic – something distinctive only to you.

5. Informative bio

On your Instagram profile, you get to use a small space to add a short bio about your business. It is only 150 characters, so make sure it is neat and contains important information. You can write there what you do, where your clinic is located, or include contact details as well as a link to your website. Emojis can be a real space saver here. Try to replace some words with them! For example, instead of writing “telephone number” you can simply use: 📱

6. It's all about posting

Nice, cohesive, high-quality posts are the main tool that Instagram offers you. Make sure that you are consistent in your posting. Remember, however, not to overwhelm your audience with an overload of photos that have no value and are only an advertisement. Take a look at some types of posts you can share with your audience:
- Before and after photos
- Informative graphics about your services or products
- Testimonials from happy patients
- Posts in which you can introduce yourself, the clinic, and your staff members
- Fun facts
- Behind the scenes of how your clinic operates
- The story behind your business
- Giveaways and competitions

It is also important to remember that videos and Reels are more engaging than other types of content. They are informative, entertaining, and easy to grasp. Adding Stories on Instagram is also a good practice. It keeps your profile active and allows you to build trust and bond with your audience. Here you can learn more about What Type of Online Content Attracts New Medical Aesthetic Patients?

On the right side of the image there are many "likes" icons. On the left side there is a sentence "Online Content Attracts New Patients!"

7. Find the right hashtags

A hashtag is a tag that allows people who are interested in the content of your posts to find your profile and therefore expand your audience. Use the search engine on Instagram to find which hashtags related to your post are the most popular and can attract the widest range of potential followers to you.

For example, #medicalaeshtetics is used in more than 680,000 posts on Instagram. To be honest, there is no golden rule regarding the number of hashtags by the post. Some say that a safe number is 11, but the most popular number is 3 to 5. You have to individually adjust this bit and test out different possibilities. In addition, it is important to use hashtags relevant to your type of business as well as the topic of a specific post.

Image show hashtag #medicalaesthetics search results on Instagram.

8. Build relationships

The Instagram profile is not just about promoting your clinic, but also about creating a bond with your followers. You have the opportunity to connect with them by replying to comments and messages, following their profiles, and liking their posts. Make the most of it!

In this piece, we outline how to establish a strong aesthetic brand identity.

Written by:
Maria Kamińska
Maria is a copywriter and a student of Applied Linguistics. She puts the knowledge of the team working at WhatClinic and InDesk into words to convey it to the audience in an approachable way. She is passionate about foreign languages, especially English, German, and Spanish. In her free time, she meets with family and friends, drinks good coffee or… writes.

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