Aesthetic Clinics: Boost Productivity with Aesthetic Nurse Software

Aesthetic medicine clinics use booking systems to manage patient appointments and improve their organisation. Aesthetic Nurse Software, one of the most popular booking systems for aesthetic medicine clinics, offers useful features that allow aesthetic practitioners to go paperless. From this article, you will learn how Aesthetic Nurse Software (a.k.a. ANS) can improve your daily work in the medical aesthetic clinic.

1. Automated Messages 

Using automation, aesthetic clinics can simplify the way they communicate with their patients and save time sending recurring messages. Aesthetic Nurse Software offers multiple types of automated messages:

- Appointment reminders

- Special offers

- Follow-up messages 

- Messages with medical forms and documents

All that allows you to focus on carrying out treatments and having more patient consultations.

2. Online Bookings

Online tools can simplify many processes in aesthetic clinics, such as booking appointments. With Aesthetic Nurse Software, patients can book an appointment anytime and anywhere: on your website or social media. 

3. Online Calendar

Good organisation of appointments is important in aesthetic medicine clinics. ANS can help by providing an online booking calendar to medical aesthetic practitioners. This ensures that all your bookings are in one place, which you can access from your computer and mobile. A clear overview of bookings can also help you stay in control of your work, because you always know what comes next in your schedule. 

4. Deposits

Why taking deposits from patients is important? It reduces the risk of last-minute cancellations and no-shows, saving you time and money (more on the subject in this article). Aesthetic Nurse Software offers a flexible deposit collection service. You can decide which treatment requires a deposit, how much the payment should be and when it will be collected.

5. Go Paperless

Having piles of documents and important patient information can be overwhelming, and also it’s not environmentally friendly! With Aesthetic Nurse Software, you can go paperless. ANS allows you to gather all the important information in one place, available on any device. You’ll have access to: 

- Patient profiles

- Medical history

- Before and after photos

- Medical forms

- Prescriptions

Is a booking system enough?

Aesthetic medicine is an industry where patient contact is extremely important. Even with great booking management software, you’ll still need time to learn how to use it, respond to patient enquiries, and book appointments. If you want to save even more time while providing great service to your patients, consider hiring a receptionist. Thanks to that, you’ll have the support of a professional trained to talk to patients, give them information, and also use any system to organise the clinic's bookings. 

However, hiring a new receptionist in your clinic comes with a lengthy recruitment process, loads of paperwork, and high costs. There is a solution! You can outsource your aesthetic clinic’s reception desk and get a team of remote receptionists who will do all the work as if they were in your clinic. They are fully trained to work with aesthetic clinics and always available to receive patient enquiries, even on Saturdays, holidays, or after-hours.

Starting from £300/month, you get the InDesk Aesthetic Receptionists specialising in working with aesthetic clinics and their patients, knowledgeable about aesthetic treatments, and familiar with popular booking systems such as Aesthetic Nurse Software. With InDesk, you get both great customer service and a great price!

Written by:
Maria Kamińska
Maria is a copywriter and a student of Applied Linguistics. She puts the knowledge of the team working at WhatClinic and InDesk into words to convey it to the audience in an approachable way. She is passionate about foreign languages, especially English, German, and Spanish. In her free time, she meets with family and friends, drinks good coffee or… writes.

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