9 Pabau Features that Will Help You Grow Your Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Want to improve the workflow in your medical aesthetics clinic? Using an online booking management system, you can do so! There are many similar software pieces on the market today, but which one will be the best for your clinic? In this article, you will discover what Pabau, one of the most popular booking management systems among InDesk customers, offers. Read on!

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1. What is Pabau?

Pabau's aim is to save time spent using multiple separate programmes to efficiently organise work in the clinic. With this system, you will have all the important information clearly organised and accessible in one place. Over 2,000 clinics, spas, and salons have chosen Pabau as their booking management solution. Look at the features below to find out why!

2. Pabau features

1. Calendar with scheduled treatments and patient details. 

It can be integrated with your Google or iPhone calendar. You can customise the view to display appointments for a specific period and filter the information to quickly find what’s important at the moment. If your clinic has multiple branches in different locations, you still can see all the appointments in one calendar. You can also easily reschedule appointments with a drag-and-drop feature and see which treatments your employees are performing. 

2. An appointment booking widget integrated into your website.

It allows your patients to book independently 24/7. Pabau also enables bookings through social media channels and immediately transfers new appointments to your calendar. What about bookings coming through different communication channels? Let the InDesk Agents take care of them. With both Pabau and InDesk, your enquiries incoming via phone calls, SMS, email, WhatsApp, social media and web forms from your website will be transferred directly to your calendar, saving you time. 

3. Digital client records.

It keeps all patient information in one place, without the hassle of paperwork. You’ll have access to client details, entire appointment history, treatment notes, payments, and purchased packages. There you can also add and store the before and after photos, which are the proof of excellent results that your treatments provide. 

4. Consent forms that you can adapt to your needs.

They are integrated into the system and automatically upload the added information to your patient records. Again, it saves you time and you don’t have to store all the important papers. 

5. Automated emails and SMS. 

With templates that you can change and customise. Pabau can take care of pre- and post-treatment guidelines and send them to your patients via email as well as SMS and email appointment reminders. 

6. Integrated Point of Sale system.

It facilitates online and in-person payments and can be integrated with Stripe. Pabau also allows you to take deposits from your patients to limit no-shows

7. Patient portal.

Where your clients can access details of their appointments, payment history, and invoices. Your patients can also manage their consent forms there. They can opt in or out of marketing communications, choose the communication channels and update the address information.

8. An intelligent stock management system

You always know which products should be ordered. You can connect specific products with treatments, so the stock level is automatically updated every time the treatment is performed. If you also sell beauty products at your clinic, you can easily order everything you need through Pabau, add suppliers' profiles and see inventory reports, that give you an insight into what is performing best. 

9. Staff management

With employee profiles that make it easy to monitor their performance, manage holiday requests, see the availability to perform treatments and provide them with feedback.

3. Pabau reviews

Thanks to many helpful features and ease of use, Pabau software is highly rated by users.  Want to check what other clinic owners think about Pabau? Have a look at those review websites:

- Capterra

- G2

- Software Advice

4. How InDesk can help you when using Pabau?

The InDesk Agents are knowledgeable about popular booking systems that clinics may use, so when starting cooperation with InDesk, you don’t have to change anything. The service is flexible and will adapt to your needs, providing your patients with outstanding customer service and giving you back the time, to focus on your own priorities. Pabau is definitely one of the booking management systems that the InDesk Receptionists use the most often. 

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