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Dr Richard Sibthorpe Clinic

"[The InDesk Receptionists] always do their absolute best with the customers... "

london, uk

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About the Dr Richard Sibthorpe clinic

Dr Richard Sibthorpe is a medical practitioner with over 20 years of experience. In his clinic, he focuses on alleviating the signs of ageing, always tailoring the treatment to the individual patient's needs. Dr Sibthorpe also offers balancing hormone programmes, which boost energy levels and mental agility to fight ageing from the inside out.

Challenges and Solutions

"They are very, very polite to all the customers (...) They do their best, I have no complaints."

The InDesk Receptionists are experienced in handling effectively all patients according to their needs.

The Agents have been doing a very good job. (...) they always do their absolute best with the customers..."

Our Receptionists provide patients with the highest level of customer support.

I've developed a relationship with some of the Agents. They try to please me by doing the best they can. We like each other.”

The InDesk Receptionists become part of your team and maintain a seamless cooperation with your clinic.