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Arlington Square Aesthetics

"I wanted that first contact with the clinic to be very professional."

london, uk

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About the Arlington Square Aesthetics

Arlington Square Aesthetics offers patients advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedures using premium products. The clinic was established by an experienced GP, certified in facial aesthetic procedures. Dr Kirren Sandhu provides her clients with a holistic and individualised approach to help them achieve well-being and a rejuvenated appearance.

Challenges and Solutions

“I wanted the professionalism of someone answering the call who could spend time with the client, so it's not me at the other end of the call taking care of my other customer. I wanted that first contact with the clinic to be very professional.”

InDesk allowed Kirren to fully concentrate on the patient in her clinic and gave her the confidence that communication with other patients remained professional and smooth.

I had a really good level of support from your company, so I'm very happy.

InDesk gave Kirren the support of professional aesthetic receptionists, who have her best interest at heart.

“We recently wanted to change our contract slightly and everything was handled very efficiently, everything worked around my schedule."

Kirren knows that the InDesk subscription plans remain flexible to meet the needs of her clinic at any given time.