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Aesthetic Clinic Receptionists from InDesk

InDesk improves the speed and quality of communication between your clinic and patients, allowing you to save time and focus on treating your patients.

How InDesk helps Aesthetic Practitioners?

Save Time

Phone calls and messages from patients, carrying out treatments, administrative work… InDesk will handle all your patient communication, allowing you to focus on growing your business or simply relaxing. Whatever feels like a priority to you.

Get your life back

Work-life balance is another thing you will restore by teaming up with InDesk agents. With peace of mind, you will be able to reunite with friends, go on a family trip or spend an evening watching a whole season of a TV series. During this time, your patient communication will be in safe hands.

Aesthetic medical practitioner is checking their phone for patient enquiries.
Increase bookings

We know sales and it's no secret. InDesk's receptionists will handle and follow up with your patient enquiries, increasing the chances to convert them into actual bookings, contributing to higher profits.

Save money

With InDesk you team up with experienced agents for as little as £2.05 per hour. If you're interested in a higher level of customer service that will be far more cost-effective than hiring a traditional receptionist, take a look at our subscription plans.

Work with specialised clinic receptionists

Effective patient communication is a priority to an InDesk virtual receptionist. Our agents are trained extensively in this area, as well as in soft sell and popular Aesthetic Medicine treatments. Forget about lengthy pre-employment training.

We are here for you

Your account manager will arrange the implementation of the service, answer all your questions and regularly follow up to make sure InDesk is meeting your expectations and mirroring the existing clinic’s operation.

What makes InDesk perfect for Aesthetic Practitioners?

InDesk mirrors your clinic’s operation

During the onboarding process, we learn what method of operation you prefer. Our agents participate in role plays reflecting conversations with potential patients. You decide what should be adjusted.

InDesk handles your patient communication from all sources

We answer all calls, emails, WhatsApp, SMS messages your clinic receives from new and existing clients. Each agent is fully informed about the treatments you offer and adapts to your chosen booking management system, like Pabau, Ovatu, Timely, Fresha, and more.

InDesk focuses on your needs

Whether you need someone to answer your phone, respond to social media messages or help you convert enquiries into bookings, we have you covered.

InDesk offers clear performance reports

InDesk gives you a clear picture of how your clinic is performing in terms of booking source, monthly statistics, the most popular treatments or response time.

InDesk is built for Clinics by Clinics

Over the past 15 years, we have worked with numerous practitioners from all over the world. When creating InDesk, we used their expertise to develop the service that meets the specific needs of Aesthetic Medicine providers – whether you’re a single practitioner or an international chain of clinics.

InDesk is flexible

You decide when you want InDesk agents to take over the communication with your patients. Whether it's during your clinic's operating hours, after closing time or on Saturdays – we are at your service.

InDesk can take deposits on your behalf

When clinics need to take deposits for bookings, we can do it to help you avoid no-shows and cancellations.

InDesk reminds patients about their appointments and also reschedules

People tend to forget, so appointment reminders are very important. InDesk will take care of this and if a patient needs to reschedule, we will take care of it immediately, so you don't lose a client. You can also rely on us if there is an unexpected problem at your clinic that requires cancellation.